3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

  St. John Fisher vs. Buffalo State
  Date: Nov 11, 2017 • Site: Buffalo, NY

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play
Fisherfb2-8on Fisherfb41Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00.
Fisherfb2-8on Fisherfb41FISHERFB ball on FISHERFB35.
 Drive: 1 play, 2 yards, TOP 0:18
Devin Dzikowicz kickoff 45 yards to the BUF20, Paul Brinkel return 13 yards to the BUF33 (Cam Cleveland;Jake Perrone).
Buf 1-10on Buf33BUFFALO STATE drive start at 15:00.
Buf 1-10on Buf33Kyle Hoppy pass incomplete to Ricky Bailey.
Buf 2-10on Buf33Austin Neal rush for no gain to the BUF33 (Evan Majewski).
Buf 3-10on Buf33Kyle Hoppy rush for loss of 5 yards to the BUF28 (Will Riechert).
Buf 4-15on Buf28Ryan Mutterer punt 42 yards to the FISHERFB30, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 5 yards, TOP 1:31
Fisherfb1-10on Fisherfb30ST. JOHN FISHER drive start at 13:29.
Fisherfb1-10on Fisherfb30Joshua Michels pass incomplete to D. Harrington (Rey Jordan).
Fisherfb2-10on Fisherfb30James Chambers rush for 14 yards to the FISHERFB44, 1ST DOWN FISHERFB (Justin Pender).
Fisherfb1-10on Fisherfb44Joshua Michels pass incomplete, PENALTY BUF roughing passer (Bart Mazzara) 15 yards to the BUF41, 1ST DOWN FISHERFB.
Fisherfb1-10on Buf411st and 10.
Fisherfb1-10on Buf41Johnathan Letta rush for 2 yards to the BUF39 (Dimarius Leamon;Tyler Collins).
Fisherfb2-8on Buf39Johnathan Letta rush for loss of 1 yard to the BUF40 (Billy Carroll;Bart Mazzara).
Fisherfb3-9on Buf40Timeout St. John Fisher, clock 11:18.
Fisherfb3-9on Buf40Joshua Michels pass incomplete to Will Blake.
Fisherfb4-9on Buf40Michael Burton punt 32 yards to the BUF8, out-of-bounds.
 Drive: 6 plays, 30 yards, TOP 2:22
Buf 1-10on Buf08BUFFALO STATE drive start at 11:07.
Buf 1-10on Buf08Kyle Hoppy pass complete to Ricky Bailey for 11 yards to the BUF19, 1ST DOWN BUF (Joseph Zickl).
Buf 1-10on Buf19Kyle Hoppy pass complete to Zach Klisiewicz for 8 yards to the BUF27, out-of-bounds (Nelson Burke).
Buf 2-2on Buf27Ant.Holloman rush for loss of 1 yard to the BUF26 (Jon Piersma;Cole Purpura).
Buf 3-3on Buf26Kyle Hoppy pass complete to Ricky Bailey for 5 yards to the BUF31, 1ST DOWN BUF (Joseph Zickl;B. Thompson).
Buf 1-10on Buf31Kyle Hoppy pass complete to Ricky Bailey for 12 yards to the BUF43, 1ST DOWN BUF (Ryan McQuillen).
Buf 1-10on Buf43Kyle Hoppy pass incomplete to Kyle Hoppy.
Buf 2-10on Buf43Ant.Holloman rush for 7 yards to the 50 yardline, out-of-bounds (Ryan McQuillen).
Buf 3-3on Buf50Kyle Hoppy pass incomplete to Ant.Holloman (Will Riechert).
Buf 4-3on Buf50Ryan Mutterer punt 34 yards to the FISHERFB16, Willy Stevenson return 1 yards to the FISHERFB17 (Cole Jenkins;Darren Thompson).
 Drive: 8 plays, 42 yards, TOP 3:52
Fisherfb1-10on Fisherfb17ST. JOHN FISHER drive start at 07:15.
Fisherfb1-10on Fisherfb17James Chambers rush for 2 yards to the FISHERFB19 (Bart Mazzara).
Fisherfb2-8on Fisherfb19Joshua Michels pass complete to Wyatt Stehle for no gain to the FISHERFB19 (Darren Thompson).
Fisherfb3-8on Fisherfb19Joshua Michels pass complete to Will Blake for 26 yards to the FISHERFB45, 1ST DOWN FISHERFB (Nicolas Calle).
Fisherfb1-10on Fisherfb45Joshua Michels sacked for loss of 6 yards to the FISHERFB39 (K.Sommerville).
Fisherfb2-16on Fisherfb39James Chambers rush for 3 yards to the FISHERFB42 (Paul Krowel;K.Sommerville).
Fisherfb3-13on Fisherfb42Joshua Michels pass complete to Matt O'Hara for 30 yards to the BUF28, 1ST DOWN FISHERFB (Elloheim Tucker).
Fisherfb1-10on Buf28Joshua Michels pass complete to Will Blake for 16 yards to the BUF12, 1ST DOWN FISHERFB (Tiquan Simpkins).
Fisherfb1-10on Buf12James Chambers rush for 12 yards to the BUF0, 1ST DOWN FISHERFB, TOUCHDOWN, clock 03:29.
Devin Dzikowicz kick attempt good.
Buffalo State 21, St. John Fisher 14
 Drive: 8 plays, 83 yards, TOP 3:46
Devin Dzikowicz kickoff 53 yards to the BUF12, Austin Neal return 22 yards to the BUF34, out-of-bounds (Cam Cleveland), PENALTY FISHERFB offside 5 yards to the BUF39, 1st and 10, BUF ball on BUF39.
Buf 1-10on Buf39BUFFALO STATE drive start at 03:29.
Buf 1-10on Buf39Austin Neal rush for 8 yards to the BUF47, out-of-bounds (Michael Chase).
Buf 2-2on Buf47Austin Neal rush for 1 yard to the BUF48 (David Carroll;Joseph Zickl).
Buf 3-1on Buf48Timeout Buffalo State, clock 02:13.
Buf 3-1on Buf48Kyle Hoppy pass complete to Stephen Johnson for 17 yards to the FISHERFB35, 1ST DOWN BUF (Joseph Zickl).
Buf 1-10on Fisherfb35Austin Neal rush for 21 yards to the FISHERFB14, 1ST DOWN BUF, out-of-bounds (Joseph Zickl).
Buf 1-10on Fisherfb14Austin Neal rush for 6 yards to the FISHERFB8 (Nelson Burke).
Buf 2-4on Fisherfb08Austin Neal rush for 2 yards to the FISHERFB6 (Hayden Ricci;Will Riechert).
Buf 3-2on Fisherfb06Kyle Hoppy pass complete to Stephen Johnson for 6 yards to the FISHERFB0, clock 00:01, PENALTY BUF holding (Seth Britton) 10 yards to the FISHERFB16, NO PLAY.
Buf 3-12on Fisherfb16Kyle Hoppy sacked for loss of 59 yards to the BUF25 (LeMar Peters;Nelson Burke), PENALTY BUF holding declined.