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Course Name: Using Influence Strategies and Approaches to Attain Your Work Goals
Instructor: Jonathan D. Hulbert
Class Date: Thursday, November 7, 2019
Start Time: 10:00:00 AM
Location: Campbell Student Union Assembly
Desired Prerequisite: None
Course Length: 2 Hours
Materials needed for class: None

At work, to complete your tasks you must depend upon many people whom you do not have direct authority over to supply you with information needed to complete your work on time, on budget, and to ensure a quality product or outcome. As you work to complete a project, goal, and/or task, you sometimes must influence multiple people with different roles on and off campus. As influence is defined as the use of personal energy to create an impact upon, redirect, or change the outcome of a situation, the same influence approach doesn’t work with everyone. This workshop will help you to learn a variety of influence approaches (or strategies) and allow you identify how to choose which approach/strategy will be most effective. During this workshop you will accomplish the following:
1. Understand 5 Influence strategies and determine when it is best to apply which Influence strategy.
2. Learn how to develop profiles for those you need to influence and how to alter your approach to increase the odds for the idea to be heard and accepted.
3. Share stories of how you have influenced others and what worked plus did not work. From the stories, you can listen and learn various influence approaches.

About Mike:
Mike has focused expertise in team building, managerial-leadership, and organization development. Frequently asked to create solutions to address the development of high-performance teams, retention of talent, the innovation of product and profit streams, group conflict, coaching of leaders, developing systems to drive positive behaviors, and development of skilled knowledge to increase organizational and personal effectiveness. Working primarily with teams and management within these organizations, his role has been honed to coach, counsel, facilitate and conduct focused group work.
Learn more about Mike https://mikecardus.com/

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