Course Name: Leading Edge Series: Building Healthy Teams
Instructor: switaltm
Class Date: Friday, May 20, 2016
Start Time: 9:00:00 AM
Location: Butler Library 210
Desired Prerequisite: none
Course Length: 8 hours
Materials needed for class: none

In today’s world, teams are more important than ever. Successful organizations depend on teams to get things done. Leaders are no longer able to realize their goals and overcome complex challenges without relying on teams to achieve their objectives.


But teams don’t just come together by accident. They need to be carefully organized and supported as they develop. They need to learn to work together before they can be expected to perform at a high level. Unfortunately, many organizations forget to focus on team development and are surprised when teams struggle and fail to achieve their potential.


This interactive workshop will focus on the principles and practices that lead to the development of healthy, productive and cohesive teams, including building trust, resolving conflict, keeping commitments, being accountable, and achieving shared results. Participants will focus on developing the necessary skills to build and maintain strong and healthy relationships and align their contributions to achieve higher levels of performance, creativity and collective results. We will explore the leadership behaviors that can promote high performance and also leverage the diversity of background, experience and thinking preferences among team members that can lead to collective success.

  • Identify the key elements that contribute to the formation and maintenance of healthy, cohesive teams;
  • Use the FourSight self-assessment to understand the impact of individual thinking style preferences on team relationships;
  • Examine the role of leadership in facilitating team growth and development; and 
  • Explore ways that leaders can influence positive climate and leverage it to boost performance and promote creative thinking and action. 


Notes: Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

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