Course Name: Where do We Start?
Instructor: Michele Ninacs
Class Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Start Time: 3:00:00 PM
Location: Ketchum Hall 200
Desired Prerequisite: None
Course Length: .5
Materials needed for class: None

Faculty teaching courses with high enrollments of first -year students bring certain expectations to the start of class. What happens if the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of our students do not match our expectations? This session will explore:

? the skill sets we might expect of an incoming student who has graduated from high school in New York State

? the factors that contribute to students being underprepared to meet college level expectations

? strategies for faculty to facilitate the development of appropriate level academic skills and demeanors.

Participants will develop a more accurate understanding of the skills of an average incoming first-year student, particularly in the areas of math and writing. Session leaders will discuss factors influencing various aspects of first-year performance, including students’ attitudes and approaches to college courses, homework habits, and exam and assignment preparation habits. Session leaders will contextualize first-year student behavioral patterns within cognitive, moral, and psychosocial theory in order to assist faculty in adopting strategies that support college-level performance.

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