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Autism Spectrum Disorders: Overview of Diagnosis, Character. and Treatment
This training will present a comprehensive overview of the characteristics of students on the autism spectrum including Autism Disorders, Aspergers, and PDD-NOS. Discussion on how children and adults with autism are evaluated and classified including diagnostic medical models versus diagnostic educational models. Educational interventions and strategies as well as effects of autism on the family including parents, siblings, and the extended family will be discussed. This training in the needs of students with autism meets the requirements of Chapter 484 of the Laws of 2008 which amend Sections 3004(4) and (5) of the New York State Education Law effecting teachers in special education and certified school administrators or supervisors assigned to serve this population prior to and after September 2, 2009. It is in response to the growing number of children being diagnosed with autism and the education/training needs of the special education teachers and administrators who work with them.

Class Dates and Times:
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Ketchum 113